Key Findings for Systems Assessment Functional Areas, by Health Systems Level, Malawi, 2016

Functional AreaIndicatorHealth Centers (n=90) No. (%)Hospitals (n=16) No. (%)DHOs (n=16) No. (%)
Staff responsibilitiesStaff members have received training for HMIS-related functions52 (58)13 (81)15 (94)
Indicator definitionsWritten definitions for all 4 indicators of interest (ANC, FP, HTC, ARI) available in facility or DHO39 (43)12 (75)9 (56)
Reporting guidelinesReporting guidelines available at facility that describe what should be reported, how reports are to be submitted, to whom, and when90 (34)8 (50)6 (38)
Data useRegularly use data to calculate indicators48 (53)12 (75)12 (75)
Registers and reporting formsNo stock-outs of any registers or reporting forms during the past 12 months23 (26)6 (38)-
Registers and reporting formsSufficient copies of data collection tools available in the DHO to meet the needs of all health facilities in the district--7 (44)
Display of routine dataOne or more information displays present at time of assessmenta83 (92)15 (94)13 (81)
Internal data quality checksConsistency checks of collected data routinely conducted37 (41)7 (44)7 (44)
SupervisionRegular supervisory visits from district47 (52)10 (63)4 (25)
Computerized registersFacility uses computerized registers9 (10)15 (94)-
  • Abbreviations: ANC, antenatal care; ARI, acute respiratory infection; DHO, district health office; FP, family planning; HMIS, health management information system, HTC, HIV testing and counseling.

  • a Evaluated the following displays: maternal health, child health, facility utilization, disease surveillance, map of catchment area, summary of demographic data.