Multivariate Predictors of Being Sexually Experienced and of Inconsistent Contraceptive Use Among Young Female Migrant Workers, Changzhou, China, 2012 (N=143 Sexually Experienced Females)

CharacteristicBeing Sexually ExperiencedInconsistent Contraceptive Use
OR95% CIP ValueOR95% CIP Value
Age group, years<.001.03
    16–180.210.11, 0.41<.0014.321.21, 15.36.02
    19–210.450.27, 0.75.0023.551.18, 10.69.02
Education levelNS.049
    Elementary4.151.11, 17.57.046
    Middle school5.111.42, 43.32.01
    High school1.740.46, 6.60.41
Ethnic group<.001NS
    Han0.190.08, 0.44
Only child in the family.02NS
    Yes1.81.10, 2.94
Migrating with a boyfriend.001NS
    Yes4.912.00, 12.08
No. of jobs held since migratinga0.840.77, 0.91<.0012.021.56, 2.62<.001
  • Abbreviations: CI, confidence interval; NS, not significant; OR, odds ratio.

  • a OR for number of jobs held is for each additional job held.