Key for Hot Spot Table Coloring Scheme Indicating Systems Assessment Results and Recommended MOH Actions

Percent of Facilities Responding Positively to QuestionaCorresponding ColorInterpretation
80–100GreenNo specific action recommended. MOH can seek to identify actions that may improve or sustain facility compliance.
60–80YellowMOH should undertake actions to improve compliance. The timing and nature of the action depend on the functional area and how critical the component is to HMIS functioning.
<60RedMOH should seek to immediately identify underlying reason for low compliance and undertake action to increase compliance in the short-term.
  • Abbreviations: HMIS, health management information system; MOH, Ministry of Health.

  • a “Positively” is defined as responding in affirmation to the question. For most questions, this included only those facilities that answered “yes”; depending on the context of the question, it may also include facilities that answered “partly.” This is indicated in the Results section of the article. Eight questions about stock-outs of registers and reports were worded in the inverse, so “no” answers were considered to be responding “positively.”