Estimated Health Insurance Coverage by Major Insurance Schemes, Selected Latin American and Caribbean Countries

SHI and/or OtheraPHITotalb
Chile (2015)1177%17%94%
Colombia (2015)1297%6%97%
Costa Rica (2013)1394%94%
Dominican Republic (2013)1428%29%57%
Guatemala (2014)15,1618%5%23%
Haiti (2014)173%4%7%
Honduras (2015)1819%3%19%
Jamaica (2013)19,2019%c19%<38%
Peru (2015)2173%2%73%
  • Abbreviations: PHI, private health insurance; SHI, social health insurance.

  • a Aggregate of SHI and other government-supported insurance schemes, as applicable.

  • b Total insurance coverage may be lower than the sum of SHI and PHI coverage, due to overlap of covered populations.

  • c National Health Fund coverage only—limited benefits and not SHI.