Knowledge, Practice, and Coverage Survey of Adult Syrian Refugees in Lebanon, 2016 (N=300)

%95% CI
Age, years, mean (SD)36.5(12.9)
Have diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, asthma, or emphysema22.8(17.87, 27.20)
Access to a PHC facility
Have been to a PHC facility76.8(71.60, 81.10)
Have been to a PHC facility within the last month25.0(19.74, 31.35)
Barriers to seeking care at a PHC facility
    Medical costs17.0(9.18, 28.03)
    Lack of transport11.0(5.07, 21.28)
    Legal reasons4.0(0.89, 12.02)
    Lack of time4.0(0.89, 12.02)
    Did not have a medical need to go to a PHC facility47.0(35.09, 59.45)
Transportation to a PHC facilitya
Transportation method
    Taxi44.0(37.57, 50.97)
    Walking36.0(30.01, 42.84)
    Bus13.0(9.02, 18.17)
Cost of transport, LBP, mean (SD)2,000(282)
Time to get to the PHC facility, minutes, mean (SD)21.9(17.2)
Services and costs at a PHC facility
Medical cost of a PHC visit, LBP, mean (SD)3,000(833)
Diagnostic tests ordered25.0(19.26, 30.76)
Cost of tests ordered, LBP, mean (SD)20,000(4,386)
Received a prescription78.0(71.89, 83.30)
Able to get the medication at the time of their visit34.5(27.41, 42.14)
Cost of medical care including medications, LBP, mean (SD)7,000(2,886)
Reasons for visiting PHC facility
Acute disease45.0(38.42, 51.67)
Chronic disease14.0(9.76, 19.15)
Antenatal care14.0(9.76, 19.15)
Well-child visit10.0(9.76, 19.15)
Dental care23.0(17.45, 28.69)
Satisfaction with services at PHC facility
Describe the care as either good or very good67.8(61.37, 73.82)
Feel the care could be improved73.0(66.54, 78.47)
Main concerns
    Respect26.5(19.97, 33.9)
    Wait times33.0(26.03, 40.05)
    Drug availability58.0(50.54, 66.02)
    Cost16.0(11.00, 22.78)
NCD risk factors and knowledge
Smoke tobacco32.0(26.88, 37.36)
Use extra salt for most/all meals61.0(55.32, 66.26)
Know how to prevent or control diabetes33.0(28.05, 38.60)
Have heard a message about asthma or emphysema63.0(57.20, 68.06)
  • Abbreviations: CI, confidence interval; LBP, Lebanese Pound; NCD, noncommunicable disease; PHC, primary health care; SD, standard deviation.

  • All data reported as % (95% CI) unless otherwise specified.

  • a Among respondents who have been to a PHC facility.