TABLE 3. Summary of Studies on Community-Based Health Insurance Utilization or Drop-Out
StudyCountryDate of Data CollectionSample SizeaUrban/ RuralStudy DesignUtilization or Drop-Out
Franco LM et al. (2008)56Mali20042,280BothPost with controlInsured were more likely to utilize health services
Schneider P et al. (2004)57Rwanda20002,518RuralPost with controlUtilization of health services by enrollees not associated with socioeconomic status
Gnawali DP et al. (2009)62Burkina Faso2006990BothPost with controlOutpatient visits in insured 40% higher than in uninsured
Chankova S et al. (2008)63Ghana, Mali, SenegalNot stated5,545BothPost with controlNo difference in utilization based on socioeconomic status in the insured
Kent Ranson M et al. (2006)64India20033,844BothPost with controlSubmission of claims for reimbursement was inequitable in rural areas; the rich were significantly more likely to submit claims than the poorest
Kent Ranson M (2004)65India2000700BothPost with controlNo significant difference in hospitalization among the different wealth quintiles
Dong H et al. (2009)66Burkina Faso20061,309BothPost with controlNo statistically significant difference in the drop-out rate between income groups
Mladovsky P (2014)67Senegal2009382BothPost with controlThose who dropped out were poorer than those who did not although this was not statistically significant
  • a Sample size is the number of households.