Vouchers Redeemed by Type of Service, Marie Stopes Madagascar Youth Voucher Program, July 2013–December 2014 (N=43,352 Vouchers Redeemed)

ServiceNo. (%)
Long-acting family planning services
    IUD only2,818 (6.5)
    Implant only11,608 (26.8)
    IUD plus STI counseling5,220 (12.0)
    Implant plus STI counseling13,682 (31.6)
    Removal only of an IUD2 (0.005)
    Removal only of an implant3 (0.007)
    Removal and reinsertion of an IUD179 (0.4)
    Removal and reinsertion of an implant504 (1.2)
Total long-acting family planning services34,016 (78.5)
Short-acting family planning services
    Short-acting method only5,564 (12.8)
    Short-acting method plus STI counseling3,102 (7.2)
    Removal of long-acting method for a short-acting method123 (0.3)
Total short-acting family planning services8,789 (20.3)
Other services
    Family planning counseling only535 (1.2)
    Referrals12 (0.03)
Total other services547 (1.3)
TOTAL43,352 (100.0)
  • Abbreviations: IUD, intrauterine device; STI, sexually transmitted infection.