Feedback About the American Mock World Health Organization (AMWHO) Conferences: Qualitative Findings From Survey Respondents

AMWHO ObjectivesRelevant Qualitative Survey Findings
Student engagement in global health diplomacyDelegates noted that "AMWHO 2014 was a truly unique event; tackling international issues in healthcare by engaging in constructive debates and drafting resolutions allowed us to think critically about … solutions to promote health worldwide" and was "an ingenious way to engage students from various disciplines through interactive and self-guided learning."
Guidance to future directionsOne delegate reflected, "Coming with very little experience in the global public health arena, AMWHO has allowed me to figure out where my purpose is: at the intersection of public policy and public health. I truly give AMWHO significant credit for giving me clarity regarding my future plans."
Another attendee said, "[AMWHO] revived my passion for diplomacy and advocacy. This was the first time I saw that my dream could actually be realized and that my potential and the possibilities are endless."
Putting theory and knowledge into practiceSeveral students commented on the practical nature of the conference. For example, 1 participant observed, "I learned that the intricacies and difficulties of forming global health policy are not something you can really learn in a lecture. The kinds of experiences provided at AMWHO allowed a paradigm shift not possible in class."
Understanding other perspectivesOne student remarked, "AMWHO is a unique opportunity because we learn to think in the perspectives of policymakers, which helps us understand the difficulties involved with it. As future public health leaders, it's important to understand why nations or parties support or deny certain policies. If we can understand someone's perspectives, only then can we begin to cooperate with him/her to create more comprehensive solutions to our world's greatest problems."
Introducing diplomacy and global health skillsOne student noted, "As a scientist, it is important for me to understand how health policy is made since it both influences and is influenced by scientific research. Because of AMWHO I feel much better prepared to be an active participant in bridging the gap between research and global health."