Determination of Resolution Topics at the American Mock World Health Organization 2015 Conference, by Region/Committee

RegionProposed SubthemesSelected Subtheme (Agenda)Resolution TitleResolution Topics
African Region (AFRO)
  • Sustainable health systems

  • Diverse funding sources for health care

  • Teaching, managing, and organizing community health workers

  • Health education reform

  • Novel measurement and evaluation methods for health interventions

  • Emphasis on incorporating social determinants of health in health policy aimed at universal health coverage

Creating sustainable health systems in all African nations and achieving universal health coverage by holistically innovating health care infrastructure to meet nation-specific needsThe creation of sustainable health systems
  • Retention, education, and training of a competent health care workforce

  • Methods to improve health education to educate different communities and demographics

  • Strengthening relationships between nations and NGOs

  • Creation of a novel framework to create and develop sustainable health systems

  • Addressing the health care needs of refugees

Americas Region (AMRO)
  • Primary care accessibility

  • Definition of essential medicines

  • Health outcomes measurement

  • Health financing

  • Health workforce and resources

  • Vulnerable and neglected populations

Ensuring universal health coverage as defined by equitable access to health services for all, with an emphasis on access to care for vulnerable populations.Ensuring universal health coverage as defined by equitable access to health services for all, emphasizing access to care for vulnerable populations
  • Health information systems integration

  • Definition of essential medicines

  • Financial support

  • Service expansion and sustainable development

  • Appropriate training of community health workers

Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMRO)
  • Community health worker training and curriculum development

  • Supportive health care units during times of crisis

  • Training primary health care doctors for both practice and retention in EMRO

  • Designing and implementing a crisis package for universal health coverage in conflicts areas

  • Universal policy to guarantee security and sustainability during times of natural and welfare crisis

  • Package that focuses on data analysis and primary health care delivery to target populations, encourages the increase of sanitation and water access across EMRO, sets aside a crisis fund, and improves medical education to train and retain primary health care doctors during times of crisis

Implementing universal health coverage including building the framework for health analytics, crisis funding, primary health care funding, education of medical professionals, and security within health care infrastructuresImmediate Relief Universal Health Care Package for Times of Crisis
  • Provision of immediate relief resources

  • Establishment of an EMRO crisis fund

  • Creation of longitudinal health care approaches

  • Developing partnerships between governments and centers of excellence

European Region (EURO)
  • Education of health care workforce to address quantity and specialization of health care providers

  • Access to health care services for vulnerable populations

  • Bolstering preventative care to increase health care efficiency

  • Privatization of universal health care for health financing

  • Surveillance and sustainability of health care workforce

Addressing accessibility and availability of health care workforce as a means of providing universal health coverage with a focus on outreach to vulnerable populationsIncrease the number, training, quality, and equitable distribution of workforce
  • Restructuring of health care education

  • Redistribution of health care workforce

  • Financial sustainability and surveillance of novel educational programs

South-East Asian Region and Western Pacific Region (SEARO/WPRO)a
  • Quality of service

  • Equal and affordable access

  • Rural access

  • Emergency services

  • Financing universal health coverage

Financing universal health care with a focus on improving service quality and decreasing health inequalityFinancial Support for SEARO/WPRO Health Initiatives
  • Creation of a regional financial management committee to manage and administer funds

  • Cost-sharing for NGOs and governments

  • Decentralized programs

  • Monitoring and assessment of efficient fund allocation

  • a For the purposes of creating similar-sized committees, SEARO and WPRO, the 2 smallest regions of the WHO, were combined for all AMWHO conferences.