Changes in Most Recent Source of DMPA Among Women Who Have Ever Used DMPA From Project Baseline (September 2011) to Endline (May 2014), Tigray, Ethiopia

Baseline (N=662) %Endline (N=840) %% ChangeP Value
Most recent source of DMPA
    Government hospital1.1a0.5a−56.4.19
    Government health center59.837.9−36.7<.001
    Government health post37.830.5−19.4<.001
Preferred source of DMPA
    Government hospital1.8a1.4a−20.6.54
    Government health center51.441.4−19.4<.001
    Government health post39.953.834.9<.001
  • Abbreviations: CBRHA, community-based reproductive health agent; DMPA, depot medroxyprogesterone acetate.

  • a Estimate was based on less than 25 cases.