Marie Stopes Madagascar Reimbursement Rates to BlueStar Franchisees for Youth Voucher Services

ServiceReimbursement Rate (MGA)Reimbursement Rate (USD)a
IUD insertion9,500$4.00
Implant insertion7,500$3.20
Removal and reinsertion of an IUD12,000$5.10
Removal and reinsertion of an implant10,000$4.20
Removal of long-acting method for a short-acting method2,000$0.80
Short-acting method2,000$0.80
IUD plus STI counseling12,500$5.30
Implant plus STI counseling12,500$5.30
Short-acting method plus STI counseling5,000$2.10
  • Abbreviations: IUD, intrauterine device; MGA, Malagasy Ariary; STI, sexually transmitted infection; USD, U.S. dollars.

  • a Using the average exchange rate from for the period July 2013–December 2014 (US$1=2359 MGA).