Percentage Distribution of Survey and IDI Participant Responses to the Discrete Choice Experiment, by Block of Jobs Presented

Pairs of Jobs/Attribute-Level CombinationsBlock 1Block 2Block 3Block 4
Survey (n = 47)IDI (n = 12)Survey (n = 41)IDI (n = 10)Survey (n = 50)IDI (n = 10)Survey (n = 45)IDI (n = 11)
Pair 1
    Job A9027301210110
    Job B911007370889089100
Pair 2
    Job A816715208170279
    Job B1933858019307391
Pair 3
    Job A354214073706273
    Job B65588610027303818
    No response9a
  • Abbreviation: IDI, in-depth interview.

  • Percentages of respondents selecting each job in the choices presented to them are reported for each sample (survey or IDI). Weighted percentages are reported for survey participants.

  • a One IDI participant did not select an option for the third pair in this set.