Discrete Choice Experiment Attributes and Levels, Uganda, 2011

SupervisionFrequency and location of supervisory meetings
  1. Monthly CHW meetings at health center

  2. Same as (1) + quarterly visit by health center staff in the community

TrainingFrequency and duration of initial and refresher training
  1. 5-day initial training and 3-day supervised practicum at health center

  2. Same as (1) + 3-day refresher training once a year

Transportation refundTransportation refund received for each supervisory meeting attended
  1. 5,000 UGX per meeting

  2. 10,000 UGX per meeting

Start-up packageItems received upon joining the CHW program (one-time)
  1. CHW kit with gumboots, raincoat, job aids, and stationery

  2. CHW kit + T-shirt + badge

  3. CHW kit + T-shirt + badge + bicycle

CommunicationOne-time provision of a mobile phone to communicate with program staff
  1. No mobile phone

  2. Mobile phone without airtime

  • Abbreviations: CHW, community health worker; UGX, Ugandan shilling.