Why Infant Male Circumcision Is Preferable to Male Circumcision at a Later Age

Infant Male CircumcisionMale Circumcision of Older Boys and Men
SimpleMore complex
Quick (a few minutes)Takes half an hour or more
Low costExpensive (often unaffordable)
Low risk (adverse events 0.4%)20Moderate risk (adverse events 4%–8%)20
Bleeding is minimalBleeding more common, requiring cautery or other interventions
No need for suturesSutures or tissue glue needed
Convenient (baby mostly sleeps)Inconvenient (time off school or work required)
Local anesthesia for those <2 months of age21General anesthesia for those >2 months to 9 years of age; local anesthesia for men, although general anesthesia sometimes preferred by surgeon
Healing is fast (2 weeks)21Healing takes 6 weeks or more
Cosmetic outcome usually goodStitch marks may be seen
No long-term memory of procedureFear of undergoing an operation
Abstinence from sexual intercourse for the 6-week healing period