Number of LAUNCH Program Participants Interviewed per Quarter by Point of Contact, Liberia, April 2012–June 2014

QuarterPoint of Contact
No. of Pregnant WomenNo. of Lactating WomenNo. of Mothers of Children <2Total
Food Distribution Points
Quarter 1 (Apr–Jun 2012), Lean Season157152225534
Quarter 2 (Jul–Sep 2012), Lean Season79105221405
Quarter 3 (Oct–Dec 2012), Non-Lean Season69116210395
Quarter 4 (Jan–Mar 2013), Non-Lean Season109112189410
Quarter 5 (Apr–Jun 2013), Lean Season104163249516
Quarter 6 (Jul–Sep 2013), Lean Season81144282507
Quarter 7 (Oct–Dec 2013), Non-Lean Season658116180
Quarter 8 (Jan–Mar 2014), Non-Lean Season1374122209
Quarter 9 (Apr–Jun 2014), Lean Season4216691
  • Note: Lean season refers to the period from April to September; non-lean season to the period from October to March.