Number and Characteristics of CHWs Participating in a Discrete Choice Experiment via In-Depth Interview, by Type of Family Planning Program

Public (n = 13)NGO (n = 16)Former NGO (n = 14)Total (N = 43)
Age, mean, years43434143
Number of living children, mean6566
Marital status, %
    Married or cohabitating100697981
    Divorced, widowed, or separated0311416
Gender, %
Educational level, %
    Secondary or higher77507967
Number of years of service, mean75107
Contraceptive methods provided, %
    Condoms only0602
    Condoms and pills02509
    Condoms, pills, and injectables1006910088a
  • Abbreviation: CHW, community health worker.

  • a One CHW indicated providing pills and injectables but not condoms. The sum of CHWs reporting which contraceptive methods they provided does not total to 100% due to rounding errors.