Characteristics of Drug Shops and Pharmacies Surveyed in Selected Urban Areas of Nigeria and Kenya, 2010/2011

% of Nigerian Pharmacies (n = 433)% of Nigerian Drug Shops (n = 555)% of Kenyan Pharmacies/Drug Shops (n = 223)
Number of years open/in operation
    Less than 519.631.942.2
    5 to 1031.234.821.1
    11 to 1515.914.815.7
    More than 1516.912.311.7
    Don't know16.26.19.4
Number of operating hours per day
    Less than
    5 to 1013.216.626.5
    11 to 1573.272.466.8
    More than 1513.49.94.0
Number of operating days per week
Number of regular, permanent staff
    Less than 569.892.479.8
    5 to 1022.61.611.7
    11 to
    More than
Outlet provides family planning methods
    Missing/Don't know1.20.40.0
Observed family planning promotional materials on display
    Not displayed65.178.750.7
Person interviewed ever received training on family planning
    Don't know0.21.60.0