TABLE 5 Caregiver Satisfaction With Interventionsa
No. (%)
Did the education provided at discharge improve your ability to take care of your child? (n = 191)
 Yes, strongly147 (76.9)
 Yes, somewhat44 (23.0)
 No2 (1.0)
Were the soap, oral rehydration salts, and mosquito net helpful in better caring for your child after discharge? (n = 189)
 Yes, strongly123 (65.1)
 Yes, somewhat66 (34.9)
 No1 (0.5)
Did you feel that the referrals were helpful in caring for your child after discharge? (n = 170)
 Yes, very helpful105 (61.7)
 Yes, somewhat helpful54 (31.8)
 Not sure5 (2.9)
 No6 (3.5)
Did you find the referrals difficult/inconvenient? (n = 170)
 Yes, very difficult/inconvenient3 (1.8)
 Yes, somewhat difficult/inconvenient32 (18.8)
 Not sure7 (4.1)
 No, not difficult/inconvenient128 (75.2)
Overall satisfaction with discharge kit and post-discharge referral (n = 195)
 Very satisfied72 (36.9)
 Somewhat satisfied117 (60.0)
 Not satisfied4 (2.1)
  • a Sample size for the satisfaction indicators are slightly different, reflecting that not all children discharged (such as most who were discharged against medical advice) received the counseling and incentives, and not all caregivers participated in the satisfaction survey.