Percentage of Referral Clients in Malawi Confirming Referral Benefits, by District, 2015

Referral BenefitBalakaKasungu and Lilongwe
Health Benefits
Feel they are better able to stay on medication as result of referral72.7%95.7%
Willing to spend savings on health costs after referral76.0%92.3%
Attribute improvement in health to service received via referral60.9%81.1%
Attribute improvement in nutrition to service received via referral52.2%70.8%
Savings Benefits
Able to save more money after referral56.0%85.6%
Household Benefits
Had household savings before referral63.3%41.6%
Had household savings after referral66.7%81.4%
Referral Process and Service Access
Knew of economic strengthening service availability before referral65.0%44.2%
Found referral process user-friendly60.9%81.1%
Reported they will continue using service after referral68.3%96.7%