Cost of IRS in 2014 US Dollars, by Delivery Model, Selected Districts of Ethiopia, 2012–2014

Coverage MeasureAverage per DistrictDifference (2013–2012)Difference (2014–2013)
CB IRS districts (N=5)aDB IRSCB IRS
Total amortized costs47,16352,60952,9305,446 (11.5%)321 (0.6%)
Cost per structure sprayed2.522.271.98−0.25 (−9.8%)−0.29 (−13.0%)
Cost per person protected0.880.870.86−0.01 (−1.3%)−0.01 (−1.0%)
DB IRS districts (N=5)DB IRS
Total amortized costsN/A48,99049,665N/A675 (1.3%)
Cost per structure sprayed2.472.470.00 (0.0%)
Cost per person protected11.030.04 (3.3%)
  • Abbreviations: CB IRS, community-based indoor residual spraying; DB IRS, district-based indoor residual spraying; IRS, indoor residual spraying.

  • a The 5 CB IRS districts transitioned from DB IRS in 2013; 2012 costs refer to DB IRS coverage before CB IRS was implemented.