Compliance With AIRS Project IRS Environmental Health and Safety Standards,a by IRS Delivery Model, Selected Districts of Ethiopia,b 2013 and 2014

YearOverallCB IRS SitesDB IRS SitesDifference in Performance (DB IRS – CB IRS)
201384.1%80.8%91.6%10.8 percentage points***
201499.2%98.5%100.0%1.5 percentage point
  • Abbreviations: AIRS, Africa Indoor Residual Spraying; CB IRS, community-based indoor residual spraying; DB IRS; district-based indoor residual spraying; IRS, indoor residual spraying.

  • a Average compliance scores on a 13-item checklist.

  • b Data are from 6 CB IRS districts and 30 DB IRS districts. Five operational sites (villages) from each of the 6 CB IRS districts (30 operational sites total) and 1 operational site from each of the 30 DB IRS districts (30 operational sites total) were selected for the compliance assessment.

  • *** P<.001.