TABLE 1 Characteristics of Men and Women Ages 15–49 in Cameroon and Senegal
Male circumcision rate90%80%
HIV prevalence4.3%0.7%
Age at sexual debut
ANC with skilled attendant (among women)64%94%
PNC (among women)58%68%
Place of birth of last child
 Public health facility61%69%
Multiple sexual partners in the last 12 months
Polygamy (among men)
Knowledge of HIV
Have had HIV test and know results
No health insurance coverage
  • Abbreviations: ANC, antenatal care; PNC, postnatal care.

  • Source of data: 2011 Demographic and Health Survey in Cameroon8 and a 2010–2011 Demographic and Health Survey – Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey in Senegal.9