TABLE 3. Opportunity and Ability Factors (%) Related to IUDs Among Survey Participants by Background Characteristics
CharacteristicHeard of IUDs (N=1,505)P ValuePerception of IUD Availability (n=1,321)aP ValueCorrect IUD Knowledge (n=1,321)bP Value
Marital status<.001.45.005
 Not married80.546.732.5
 5 or more89.950.046.1
Uses family planning<.001.97.006
Type of family planning.001.05.03
Listens to radio.13.30.006
 Not at all85.372.525.3
Watches TV.01.70.83
 Not at all85.377.738.9
Type of facility used for health care services.29.008.30
 Private, non-franchise89.545.640.3
 Private, franchise87.958.641.4
  • Abbreviation: IUD, intrauterine device.

  • Significant P values ≤ .05 are shown in boldface.

  • a Percentage of women who had heard of IUDs and who responded positively to the statement, “IUDs are always available in the community and in a facility nearby.”

  • b Percentage of women who had heard of IUDs and who knew the correct answers to the following statements: “IUDs can be used while breastfeeding” (correct answer: yes); “Once removed, a woman can get pregnant” (correct answer: yes); and “IUDs protect against sexually transmitted infections” (correct answer: no).