TABLE 3. Total Labor Time Included in the Model for Counseling, Insertion, Removal, and/or Resupply by Method and Provider Cadre
Nurse-MidwifePhysicianUnpaid Health Worker
MethodCounseling and Method ProvisionFollow-up or ResupplyRemovalMethod ProvisionCounseling and Method ProvisionResupply
COCs25 min5 minNANANANA
DMPA injectable25 min5 minNANANANA
Female condom20 min5 minNANANANA
Female sterilization60 min10 minNA30 minNANA
Implanon implants35 min10 min15 minNANANA
Copper IUD35 min10 min10 minNANANA
Jadelle implants35 min10 min15 minNANANA
LNG IUS35 min10 min10 minNANANA
Male condomNANANANA20 min5 min
Male sterilization60 min10 minNA30 minNANA
NET-EN injectable25 min5 minNANANANA
Sayana Press injectable25 min5 minNANANANA
Sino-implant (II) implants35 min10 min15 minNANANA
  • Abbreviations: COCs, combined oral contraceptives; DMPA, depot medroxyprogesterone acetate; IUD, intrauterine device; LNG IUS, levonorgestrel intrauterine system; NA, not applicable; NET--EN, norethisterone enanthate.

  • Source of data: Futures Institute.25