TABLE 1 Classification of Procedure-Related Moderate and Severe Adverse Events
BleedingBleeding that is not controlled by new dressings or 5 to 10 minutes of manual pressure and requires a special return to the clinic for a pressure dressing, additional skin sutures, or additional vitamin K administration without surgical re-exploration of the wound.Bleeding that requires surgical re-exploration, hospitalization, or transfer to another facility, or any case where blood transfusion or intravenous fluid is necessary.
InfectionDischarge from the wound, painful swelling with erythema or elevated temperature,or use of oral antibiotics.Cellulitis or abscess of the wound, or infection severe enough to require surgical intervention, hospitalization, or intravenous or intramuscular antibiotic therapy.
Inadequate skin removalPrepuce partially covers glans when flaccid but surgical correction is not necessary.Prepuce partially covers glans when flaccid and immediate surgical correction is necessary.
Excessive skin removalTightness of the skin discernible, and additional sutures or skin mobilizationneeded for wound closure, but no other intervention needed.Reoperation or referral/transfer toanother facility required.
Penile injurySignificant laceration requiring either prolonged follow-up, care, and attention or repeated or additional dressings.Significant injury including laceration or severed portion of glans, damage tothe urethra, or laceration of the shaft with ongoing bleeding that requires hospitalization, transfer, or transfusion.