TABLE 4. Difference-in-Differences Analysis: Change in Use of Contraceptive Methods (%) Between Baseline (2011) and Endline (2013) in Voucher and Non-Voucher Areas
MethodVoucher AreasNon-Voucher AreasDID
Baseline (n = 961)Endline (n = 993)Baseline (n = 975)Endline (n = 993)Crude (Unadjusted)P Value (of Adjusted DID Estimatea)
  • Abbreviations: DID, difference-in-differences; LARCs, long-acting reversible contraceptives.

  • a We opted not to present the adjusted DID point estimates with these associated P values because the adjusted estimates do not have an intuitive interpretation as the crude estimates do, which are the arithmetic difference-in-differences. Adjusted DID point estimates are available upon request.