TABLE 4. Key Aspects of the Voucher Programs in Yemen and Pakistan
Geographical areaUrban and rural areas in 2 governoratesRural areas in 13 districts in 3 provinces
Type of family planning service providersPublic and privatePrivate (franchised network)
Voucher distributionLocal voucher distributors paid according to number of vouchers distributed and redeemedLocal voucher distributors who receive a monthly stipend
Identifying the priority poor populationGeographical targeting of poor areasMeans testing of socioeconomic status
Cost of voucherFree (for family planning)Free (for family planning)
Voucher packageCounseling and LARCs/PMs (including follow-up and removal)Counseling and LARCs/PMs (including follow-up and removal)
  • Abbreviations: LARCs, long-acting reversible contraceptives; PMs, permanent methods; VMA, voucher management agency.