TABLE 5 Cost of Sending Text and Voice Messages per Structure for the Pilot Indoor Residual Spraying Campaign, Koulikoro District, Mali, May–September 2014
VillageNo. of Structures IdentifiedaNo. of Text Messages SentNo. of Voice Messages SentTotal Cost of Text and Voice Messages (USD)>Voice Recording Costs (USD)Cost of Messages per Structure (USD)Operational Cost per Structure (USD)Total Costb per Structure (USD)
Tienfala Village (text only)1511,760088.000.000.581.131.71
Tienfala Gare and Fougadougou (text + voice)4254,4744,4741,207.98320.003.601.134.73
  • a By spray operators during the first week.

  • b Comprises costs of sending text and voice messages and recording voice messages as well as operational costs.