TABLE 1. Unmet Need for Family Planning, Contraceptive Prevalence Rates, and Source of IUDs Among Married Women of Reproductive Age in PSI Pilot Countries, 2008–2013
Guatemala 2008–2009Laos 2011–2012Mali 2012–2013Uganda 2011
Unmet need20.8%19.9%26.0%34.3%
CPR for all modern methods44.0%42.1%9.9%26.0%
 CPR for IUDs1.3%1.6%0.4%0.5%
 CPR for implantsNAa0.1%2.5%2.7%
IUD source
 Public sector51.8%80.2%78.3%38.9%
 Private/NGO sector46.2%16.2%21.7%50.4%
 Other sector/missing2.1%3.6%0%10.6%
  • Abbreviations: CPR, contraceptive prevalence rate; IUD, intrauterine device; PSI, Population Services International.

  • a Implants are included in the “other methods” category in the 2011 Guatemala survey.

  • Sources: Country household surveys.12-15