TABLE 6 Costs of Door-to-Door Mobilization for the Pilot Indoor Residual Spraying Campaign, Koulikoro District, Mali, May–September 2014
DescriptionNo. of People or UnitsNo. of VillagesNo. of DaysUnit Cost (XOF)Total Cost (XOF)Total Cost (USD)
Per diem for DTC for IEC TOT1331,071.43a9,64319.29
DTC accommodation1331,428.5712,85725.71
District coordinator133159.36b1,4342.87
Per diem for NMCP/DNACPN staff333159.36c4,3038.61
Abt staff for IEC TOT133646.03d5,81411.63
Logistics IEC TOT - car rental133874.837,87315.75
Logistics IEC TOT - fuel133336.473,0286.06
Venue hire133201.881,8173.63
Communication fees (subscription)13423.961,2722.54
Office supplies----25,00050.00
Radio spots600e13.468,07516.15
Mobilizer training costs13315,000.00135,000270.00
Mobilizer daily salary13101,500.0045,00090.00
Per diem for DTC supervision13110,000.0030,00060.00
Town crier13151,000.0045,00090.00
GRAND TOTAL346,418692.84
  • Abbreviations: DNACPN, Direction Nationale de l'Assainissement et du Contrôle des Pollutions et des Nuisances (National Directorate for Sanitation and Pollution Control); DTC, Health Center Technical Director; IEC, information, education, and communication; NMCP, National Malaria Control Program; TOT, training of trainers; USD, U.S. Dollar; XOF, CFA Franc.

  • a For DTC-related expenses, their unit costs were calculated by dividing the normal cost for 1 DTC supervisor by 14 villages. DTC personnel supervise 14 villages on average.

  • b The expenses for district coordinators were divided across all 251 villages in Koulikoro District.

  • c The NMCP/DNACPN staff covered the entirety of Koulikoro District; thus, their cost was divided by Koulikoro’s 251 villages.

  • d Total cost for the Abt staff, meals, car rental, fuel, venue hire, and radio spots were divided across all 735 in the project intervention areas in order to arrive at the unit costs listed.

  • e This number is based on 30 different radio spots that were broadcast over 20 different radio stations.