TABLE 5 Multiple Linear Regression Models to Predict Factors Associated With Behavior Change Lesson Delivery Scoresa of CHWs, Shurugwi and Chirumanzu Districts, Zimbabwe, 2013
CHW VariablesLesson Delivery Score
Complete-Case Model (N = 274)Imputed Model (N = 289)a
Beta (SE)P ValueBeta (SE)P Value
Household size-0.14 (0.08).05-0.12 (0.07).08
Tenure, years-0.05 (0.03).13-0.05 (0.04).11
Perceived supportive supervision0.43 (0.21).04*0.41 (0.20).04*
Perceived operational supervision-0.45 (0.21).03*-0.43 (0.20).04*
  • Abbreviations: CHW, community health worker; SE, standard error.

  • a Based on supervisor’s summative score to six 5-point Likert response statements: reviewed last session with mother; asked mother questions about her recall, knowledge, and current practices; delivered lesson in a relaxed manner; allowed mother to ask questions; responded to mother’s questions correctly and appropriately; and reviewed current lesson information at the end of the session.

  • Models adjusted for age, gender, marital status, education, knowledge, study arm, cluster ID, ward number, and number of observations per CHW.

  • Significant at

  • * P<.05

  • ** P<.01;

  • *** P<.001.