TABLE 2. Contraceptive Use (%) by Type of Contraceptive Method Among Married Women of Reproductive Age, Baseline Survey, 2011
MethodFull Sample (N = 1,936)Voucher Areas (N = 961)Non-Voucher Areas (N = 975)P Value
 Short-acting methods21.320.622.1.44
  Pill/emergency pill11.710.612.8.13
  Male/female condoms1.
 Permanent methods0.
  • Abbreviation: IUD, intrauterine device; LARCs, long-acting reversible contraceptives.

  • Note the nested nature of the table for the modern method category: the percentages for the pill, condoms, and injectables sum to the short-acting methods percentage while the percentages for the IUD and implants sum to the LARCs percentage. Similarly, the percentages for short-acting methods, LARCs, and permanent methods sum to the modern methods percentage.