TABLE 7. Indicators of Regional Health System Strength and Increase in LARC/PM Use, Mayer Hashi, 2013
Program DistrictsNonprogram Districts
Eastern regionSouth-central regionNorth-central region
Vacancy of UFPO, %364710
Vacancy of MO–MCH, %563819
CMWRA visited by FWA and other family planning worker,a %131223
CMWRA sought health/family planning care from facilities, %414955
CMWRA heard, saw, or read about LARCs/PMs, %383750
Increase in LARC/PM use between 2010 and 2013, percentage pointsb1.63.34.0
  • Abbreviations: CMWRA, currently married women of reproductive age; FWA, family welfare assistant; LARC, long-acting reversible contraceptive; MO–MCH, medical officer–maternal and child health; PM, permanent method; UFPO, upazila (subdistrict) family planning officer.

  • a Although FWAs are supposed to make home visits every 2 months, in practice less than 20% of CMWRA reported that they were visited by a family planning worker in the 6 months prior to the 2011 Demographic and Health Survey.9

  • b It was not possible to match the program and nonprogram districts in the health system characteristics that may affect couples’ LARC/PM use.