TABLE 3. Characteristics of Longitudinal Household Survey Respondents by Endline Status, Nairobi, Kenya, December 2014
Not Interviewed at Endline (%) N=1,342Interviewed at Endline (%) N=1,334P Value
Age group<.001*
 No education2.52.0
 Primary incomplete10.211.3
 Primary complete26.627.2
 Secondary plus60.759.5
 1 Poorest19.416.3
 2 Poor17.620.7
 3 Middle20.318.2
 4 Rich17.523.2
 5 Richest25.221.7
 No religion0.31.2
Marital status<.001*
 Never married40.229.6
 Married/living together50.259.0
 Cannot read2.41.4
 Can read only parts of sentences17.116.0
 Can read whole sentences78.581.4
 No card with required language1.4.6
Number of live births<.001*
 No children36.6024.60
 1 child31.4024.70
 2 children16.7022.80
 3 children8.8013.60
 4 children3.806.90
 5 children1.404.10
 6+ children1.203.40
  • * P≤.05.

  • a Respondents were asked what language they were most capable of reading and given a card in that language with a sentence for them to read.