TABLE Evaluation of Partnership Success Factors and Prerequisites for the 2014 Uganda Costed Implementation Plan by Types of Relationships
Types of Relationships
FactorsWithin the CIP Task ForceBetween CIP Task Force and TSTBetween CIP Task Force and Consultation Participants
Factors with high presence across all 3 relationships
Partners’ willingness to adapt to meet partnership’s needsHighHighHigh
Existence of partnership championsHighHighHigh
Ability to meet performance expectationsHighHighHigh
Clear goalsHighHighHigh
Senior management supportHighN/AHigh
Partner compatibilityHighHighHigh
Factors with low presence across all 3 relationships
Conflict (degree, frequency, conflict avoidance, dominating partner)LowLowLow
Factors with mixed presence across the 3 relationships
Perception of partners’ tolerance for sharing powerLowMediumLow
Confidence in proceduresLowMediumLow
  • Abbreviations: CIP, costed implementation plan; NA, not applicable; TST, technical support team.