TABLE 2 Description of 8 Work Characteristic Factors Emerging From Factor Analysis of CHW Survey Responses, Shurugwi and Chirumanzu Districts, Zimbabwe, 2013
FactorNumber of Survey ItemsDescription of Factor
Perceived job satisfaction and intrinsic motivation12Feels personally motivated and happy with work and making a positive impact; feels appreciated by community, health workers, and organization for work
Satisfaction with remuneration3Satisfied with remuneration for the work
Perceived peer support5Receives advice and support from other CHWs
Perceived supportive supervision12Feels valued, motivated, guided, and heard, and feels supervisor is accessible
Perceived operational supervision10Feels informed and consulted about work activities; received communication to improve work; feels needs are represented
Perceived adequacy of resources for work5Frequency of shortage of transportation and work tools
Perceived negative performance feedback5Community, other CHWs, and supervisor attitude indicate poor performance
Perceived positive performance feedback6Supervisor and community inform CHW of good performance, positive changes in community; increased job confidence
  • Abbreviation: CHW, community health worker.