TABLE PPIUD Service Statistics by Country,a 2014–2015
Service StatisticBeninCôte d’IvoireNigerSenegalTogoTotalGrand Total
 Cumulative no. of facilities providing PPFP/PPIUD services151115110741919
 No. of women receiving PPFP counseling4,8582,9343,8292,953NANANA820NANA8,6876,70715,394
 No. of PPIUD insertions169263199248200247551721255917481,5212,269
 No. of PPIUD expulsionsb140400020811819
Timing of counseling for women choosing the PPIUD
 During ANC20521159539000036150186
 Before active phase of labor92149611211689771800328385713
 Immediately postpartum5462245425254815400151295446
 Missing data301031428600125591233691924
Timing of insertion of the PPIUD
 Postplacental (within 10 minutes after delivery)29782450318211429124114348462
 Immediate postpartum (>10 minutes to 48 hours postpartum)7779265939134015430152212457669
 Missing data0010220100062206165226391
Method of follow-up consultation among women choosing the PPIUD
 At the facility 4–6 weeks after delivery281124115350303501685227312
 By telephone 6 weeks or more after delivery2445179513413722370139197453650
 No follow-up11720715838636031001254364668411,307
  • Abbreviations: PPFP, postpartum family planning; PPIUD, postpartum intrauterine device; NA, not available.

  • a The PPFP/PPIUD initiative was launched in 5 countries—Benin, Chad, Côte d’Ivoire, Niger, and Senegal—with Togo joining later. No data are provided for Chad because introduction of PPIUD services has been delayed there.

  • b As reported by PPIUD users.