TABLE 3. Provider Practice (%) at Endline, Mayer Hashi Provider Survey, 2013
(n = 118)(n = 62)(n = 116)(n = 61)(n = 19)(n = 19)
Pre-counseling for implant clients
 Explain advantages and disadvantages9798312395100
 of implants
 Ensure informed choice39231473726
Mention probable side effects of implants
Post-counseling for IUD clients
 Provide the follow-up card547374905895
 Determine that clients understand key3189102116
 counseling points
Post-counseling for female sterilization clients
 Provide the follow-up card536866875895
 Determine that clients understand key938152126
 counseling points
  • Abbreviations: FWAs, family welfare assistants; FWVs, family welfare visitors; IUD, intrauterine device; MOs–MCH, medical officers–maternal and child health.