TABLE 2. Per Unit Costs of Commodities, Consumable Supplies, and Instruments Included in the Model (US$)
MethodCommodityConsumables for Insertion/Initial ProvisionConsumables for ResupplyConsumables for RemovalInstruments
Copper IUD$0.35$0.90NA$0.90$0.13
DMPA injectable$0.72$0.34$0.34NANA
Female condom$0.45NANANANA
Female sterilizationNA$6.64NANA$0.15
Implanon implants$8.50$1.32NA$1.32$0.03
Jadelle implants$8.50$1.32NA$1.32$0.03
LNG IUS$15.00$0.90NA$0.90$0.13
Male condom$0.03NANANANA
Male sterilizationNA$4.67NANA$0.03
NET-EN injectable$1.15$0.34$0.34NANA
Sayana Press injectable$1.00$0.34$0.34NANA
Sino-implant (II) implants$8.00$1.32NA$1.32$0.03
  • Abbreviations: COCs, combined oral contraceptives; DMPA, depot medroxyprogesterone acetate; IUD, intrauterine device; LNG IUS, levonorgestrel intrauterine system; NA, not applicable; NET-EN, norethisterone enanthate.

  • Source of data: UNFPA AccessRH Product Catalog,23 IDA Foundation E-catalogue,24 Stephens,10 and personal communication with international medical supplier Shendu Pak (for cost of instruments required for long-acting and permanent methods). Supply and commodity costs can fluctuate over time; the prices used in the model were accessed in September 2015.