TABLE 4 Thematic Analysis of Factors Affecting Decision About Birth Place
First-Order ThemesSecond-Order ThemesThird-Order Themes
Barrier: Too many people involved in the decision-making processInfluence of others on delivery locationDecision about birth place
Facilitator: The role of comadronas
Facilitator/barrier: The role of husbands
Barrier: Tradition supports giving birth at homeCultural traditions
Facilitator: The role of the comadrona
Facilitator/barrier: Effects of previous birth experiences on subsequent delivery locationPrevious birth experience
Barrier: Casa Materna perceived as being located far away by somePerception of distance
Facilitator: Casa Materna perceived as being nearby by others
Barrier: Perceived high cost of facility birth compared with home birthCost of childbirth
Facilitator: Perceived low cost of Casa Materna for facility birth compared with private facilities
Facilitator: Comadrona is part of the team during delivery processCultural traditionsAssessment of birth experience
Facilitator: Woman is attended to in her own language and with respect for long-standing traditions
Barrier: Home perceived as safe place to give birthPerceived quality of care
Facilitator: Home perceived as an unsafe place to give birth.
Facilitator: Casa Materna perceived as providing high-quality care
Facilitator: To have more equipmentSuggestionRecommendations for improving care at the Casa Materna