TABLE 2 Demographic Characteristics of Survey Respondents (N = 275), by Type of Community
Demographic CharacteristicAll Respondents (N = 275)Partner Communities (n = 189)Non-Partner Communities (n = 86)P Valuea
Age of mother, mean, years25.225.325.0.93
No. of persons in household, mean6.
No. of children in household, mean3.
Living with spouse/partner, %87.389.981.4.049
Speak Chuj, %98.998.998.8.94
Speak Spanish, %24.727.019.8.20
Principally housewives, %95.395.295.3.71
Family received remittances in past 3 months, %20.420.619.8.87
Reported food insecurity in past 6 months, %21.821.722.1.94
Family owns a vehicle or motorcycle, %14.514.315.1.72
No. of years of education of mother, mean2.
PCA asset score of household, mean0.970.961.00.55
Distance of mother's community from nearest Casa Materna, mean, km5.44.18.3<.01
  • Abbreviation: PCA, principal components analysis.

  • a Comparing partner communities with non-partner communities. Values shown in boldface are statistically significant at P<.05.