TABLE 4 Key Single-Visit Approach Findings From the Health Facility Assessment, Ethiopia, 2013
Health System Areas Key Observations
ElectricityInterruption in power supply was noted at all 14 sites.
Back-up generatorAll 14 sites had back-up generators; however, 1 site did not have back-up system connected to the CCP room.
Water supply10 of 14 sites noted frequent interruption to water supply.
Examination roomsAll 14 sites had a private room for CCP services; however, about one-quarter (4 of 14) of the sites had rooms that were of insufficient size.
Equipment and Supplies
Cryo-machineOver one-quarter (4 of 14) of the sites reported a problem with the cryo-machine.
Spare partsMajority of sites (12 of 14) had an extra O-ring available.
CCP suppliesAbout three-quarters (10 of 14) of the sites had all the necessary CCP supplies available with no shortages detected.
Other equipmentA few sites (2 of 14) noted that the examination lamp was not functional and required maintenance.
RetentionThree-quarters (57 of 77) of health workers that were trained in SVA were still working at the same site.
WorkloadMajority of SVA providers at all 14 sites complained of the workload as they were also assigned to a different service unit on the same working day.
  • Abbreviations: CCP, cervical cancer prevention; SVA, single-visit approach.