TABLE 5 Postpartum Women’s Perspectives on Integration of Family Planning and Immunization Services and Satisfaction With Immunization Services at Endline, % Who Agreed With Statements
Intervention (n = 427)Control (n = 426)
Perspectives on integration
 It is good to get information about family planning options when I bring my baby for immunization.97.997.9
 I prefer to get both baby immunization and family planning on the same day rather than to come to the health facility on different days.73.375.4
 If my husband knew I received family planning information during immunization service, he would be unhappy.9.110.8
Satisfaction with immunization services
 Immunization provider treated me respectfully.98.698.1
 Immunization provider gave me an opportunity to ask any health-related questions.28.616.7
 Immunization provider helped me get needed health information.36.322.5
 Wait time to see the provider who provided my child’s immunization was acceptable.85.786.9
Overall satisfaction with the service received during visit
 Not satisfied at all1.22.1
 Somewhat unsatisfied2.81.4
 Somewhat satisfied21.818.8
 Very satisfied74.277.7