TABLE 3 Findings From Quantitative Survey of Nigerian RI Consultant Program Leaders (N = 44)
No. (%)
How useful are your interactions with RI consultants?
 Very or somewhat useful34 (77)
 Neutral10 (23)
 Not very useful or not useful at all0 (0)
Is the RI consultant visible and actively working on RI activities in your state?
 Yes32 (73)
 No10 (23)
 I don’t know2 (5)
To what extent is the RI consultant involved in decision making for RI at the state level?
 Very involved17 (39)
 Somewhat involved11 (25)
 Not very involved or not involved at all12 (27)
 I don’t know4 (9)
The work of the RI consultant has a large impact on improving RI services in my state
 Strongly agree or agree31 (70)
 Neutral8 (18)
 Strongly disagree or disagree5 (11)
Does the RI consultant have influence to facilitate the release and/or retirement of Gavi HSS and ISS funds?
 Yes, release only1 (2)
 Yes, retirement only2 (6)
 Yes, both release and retirement21 (48)
 No11 (25)
 I don’t know9 (20)
How much influence does the RI consultant have on the Gavi HSS and ISS funds?
 A lot or some20 (45)
 Not much or none at all13 (30)
 I don’t know11 (25)
Are there clear performance targets for the RI consultant in your state?
 Yes14 (32)
 No4 (9)
 I don’t know26 (59)
Do you or anybody in the state evaluate performance of the RI consultant?
 Yes9 (20)
 No30 (68)
 I don’t know5 (11)