TABLE 1 State Selection and Criteria
State2013 DTP3 CoverageaUrban/RuralIVAC RelationshipActive ConsultantAirport AccessibleSecurity Concern
KogiHigh (75.9)RuralNoneYesNoLow
NigerMedium (67.3)Semi-UrbanStrongYesNoLow
GombeLow (36.0)RuralNoneNoYesMedium
KanoLow (18.9)UrbanStrongYesYesMedium
ImoHigh (83.1)Semi-UrbanStrongYesYesLow
EdoHigh (79.6)Semi-UrbanNoneYesYesLow
OyoLow (47.7)UrbanNoneNoYesLow
  • Abbreviations: DTP3, third dose of diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis; IVAC, Johns Hopkins International Vaccine Access Center.

  • a DTP3 coverage: Low: <50%, Medium: 50%–74%, High: ≥75%. Source of coverage data: 2013 Nigeria Demographic and Health Survey.