TABLE 1 Number of Survey Questions Required for the Standard DHS Wealth Index and for Each Alternative Simplified Index
Country, Survey Type and YearVariables IncludedaNumber of Survey Questions
Standard DHS IndexStandard DHS IndexAlternative AAlternative BAlternative CAlternative DAlternative E
Bangladesh, DHS 2011CS, U/R, H, A33251722308
Benin, DHS 2011–12CS, U/R, H, A41312128306
Cambodia, DHS 2010CS, H302921262614
Cameroon, DHS 2011CS, U/R, H, A47312128309
Ethiopia, DHS 2011CS, U/R, H, A362920262514
Malawi, MIS 2012U/R, H, A252619231917
Mozambique, DHS 2011U/R, H, A332921262110
Nepal, DHS 2011CS, U/R, H, A443020272910
Nigeria, DHS 2013CS, U/R, H, A263021272811
Pakistan, DHS 2012–13CS, U/R, H, A472921263414
Philippines, DHS 2013CS, U/R30191919259
Rwanda, MIS 2013CS, U/R, H, A382819251915
Senegal, DHS 2012-13CS, U/R, H, A412819252818
Tanzania, AIS 2012–13CS, U/R, H, A37312128248
Uganda, DHS 2011CS, U/R, H, A413020272810
Zimbabwe, DHS 2010–11CS, U/R, H, A382821252616
  • Abbreviations: AIS, AIDS Indicator Survey; DHS, Demographic and Health Survey; MIS, Malaria Indicator Survey.

  • a Variables included in the original DHS analysis, beyond the core variables from the DHS VI questionnaire. CS, country-specific; U/R, urban and rural areas analyzed separately before combining; H, Hectares or land area; A, animals.