TABLE 2 Senegal Results for Full Asset Index and 8 Simplified Iterations
IterationInclusion Criteria (absolute value of the factor loading)No. of QuestionsNo. of VariablesChanges in DHS Quintile Composition Kappa Statistic (Nā€Š=ā€Š7,902)Changes in Socioeconomic Profile
Maximum Absolute Percentage Point Change (in which quintile)Kappa Statistic (Nā€Š=ā€Š1,423)
Full asset index (reference)All variables included361031.000NA1.000
1>0.0534820.9971% (Q1&2)0.925
2>0.1032630.9691% (Q1&2)0.950
3>0.2024400.9204% (Q1&2)0.867
4>0.3020320.8828% (Q1)0.751
5>0.4014210.8147% (Q2)0.746
6>0.5011160.7798% (Q1&2)0.713
7>0.609100.67512% (Q1&2)0.553
8>0.70340.31042% (Q2)0.231