TABLE 2 Summary of Qualitative Study Methods
Study MethodsParticipantsNumber of Sessions/ParticipantsPurpose
Mentor observationsTrained mentors• 13 observations
• 11 participants (2 observed twice)
Document behaviors of mentors and their interactions with PHC staff
Focus group discussionsMentors• 9 focus groups
• 56 participants in groups of 6–8 each (including 18 mentors interviewed more than once)
Gather mentor self-assessments and perceptions of the mentoring process and changes in PHCs
Individual and small-group interviewsPHC medical officers, staff nurses, pharmacists, district health officers• 25 interviews
• 25 participants (1–4 per session)
Gather perceptions of the mentoring process and assess mentoring tools and procedures, challenges, successes, and PHC improvements
  • Abbreviation: PHC, primary health center.