TABLE 4 Correlates of Readiness (Based on the 3-Star Rating) and of Output (Based on CYP) in the 2013 Survey, Kinshasa, DRC: Results of Bivariate Regression Analysis
Readiness: Percentage Rated 3-StarOutput: Mean CYP (3-Month Period)
No.%P ValueaMeanP Valueb
Managing authority.37.34
Type of health facility.03.02
 Health center30359.735.5
No. of years in operation.25.001
 7 or more8965.262.8
No. of days/week in operation.05.03
  • Abbreviations: CYP, couple-years of protection; DRC, Democratic Republic of the Congo.

  • a P value calculated using chi‐square test.

  • b P value calculated using ANOVA test.