TABLE 2 Baseline Characteristics of Study Sample Mothers
Father Intervention Area (Kitagwa) n = 92Grandmother Intervention Area (Viguru) n = 77Comparison Area (Mambai) n = 89P Value
Age of mother, mean, years27.227.526.5.63
Sex of child is male, %48.953.253.9.77
Age of child, %
 6 months37.
 7 months15.218.222.7
 8 months26.116.915.9
 9 months21.733.831.8
Parity, %
Marital status, %
 Married (ever)
 Single/never married0.011.821.4
Mother’s education, %
 Primary completed38.548.155.1.001
 Secondary completed11.07.821.4
Mother’s occupation, %
 Subsistence farmer34.846.130.6.32
 Homemaker (no outside work)33.730.338.8
 Outside work31.523.730.6
Spouse’s age, mean, years32.933.233.4.57
Spouse’s education, %
 Primary completed31.347.148.6.03
 Secondary completed21.716.227.1
Spouse’s occupation, %
 Subsistence farmer18.730.916.9.09
Socioeconomic status, %
 Lowest quartile31.536.432.6.83
 Middle quartile31.531.237.1
 Highest quartile37.032.530.3